Custom pushpin icon for Windows Store Apps with Bing Maps and C#

While the Bing Maps SDK is out of Release Preview and made final along with the release of Windows 8, i find that the documentation is still lacking quite a bit. Here is a couple of examples of how you can customize the pushpin control by changing the displayed image overlay, without having to implement a seperate Control.

Custom icon for pushpin using XAML and C#

Add the following to the resources (e.g. in your XAML for the Page containing the Bing Maps Control):

Remember to set the width and height properties accordingly to match your own image.
Then add your pins to the Map control:

Pushpin p = new Pushpin();
p.Name = "NewPin";
p.Style = this.Resources["PushPinStyle"] as Style;
Location locationOfPin = new Location(57.052023, 9.917122);
MapLayer.SetPositionAnchor(p, new Point(25 / 2, 39));
MapLayer.SetPosition(p, locationOfPin);

And achieve the following: C# bing maps pushpin custom icon windows store app

Remember to correctly anchor your pin if you do not want the actual location to be in the centre of your image (e.g. if you use a needle like pin as in the illustrated example).